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Lesly Cuyar

Lesly Cuyar from Abroad

28 years old, female
I would love to work on something related to Industrial Engineering. I am an intelligent person and I learn very quickly, I adapt to any work environment. I really like technologies so I get on very well with them. I really believe that the person who dares to hire me will not regret it. Greetings.
3 months ago
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Vishnu Kumar Kottur

Vishnu Kumar Kottur from India

38 years old, male
Electrical LV Switchgear Engineer
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Nafees Ahamed Nafees

Nafees Ahamed Nafees from India

23 years old, male
Marine line, driving, shop keeper, sports, money changing shop keeper.
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Ricky Aficial

Ricky Aficial from Hong kong

53 years old, male
I am interested in the Construction for both Civil and Tunnel Engineer position. I have over 24 years of construction working experience in the managing team and competent to work both under the client and contractor roles. Currently looking for a career, not just a job for another challenging role and interesting project. Overall, I have consistently demonstrated civil and tunneling abilities in every aspect of my position roles in the company and I am a hardworking person with a versatile handling numerous responsibilities associated with this role. Given these requirements, I am certain that I have the necessary skills to successfully do the job and perform above expectations and I invite you to review my detailed achievements in my resume.
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Balasubramanian Ramunarayanan

Balasubramanian Ramunarayanan from India

26 years old, male
I will working in production operator. Good Communication skills. Confident decision making. Ability to act quickly. Effective planning.
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Parthasarathi Sarkar

Parthasarathi Sarkar from India

61 years old, male
Construction Manager / Site Manager / Project Engineer 20+ years experience of Construction Residential Building / commercial Buildings / Multi-storey / infrastructures and utilities Projects with 20+ Years of Experience in manage large-scale complex projects. Has extensive experience of project scheduling, monitoring, execution, operation and management, liaison with local government agencies, clients, Consultants, quality management, sub-contractors, managing resources, controlling budgets, Vendors, and suppliers. An Efficient civil engineer equipped with expert construction planning, drafting and project management skills, as well as the ability to drive early project completion.
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