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Yanxi Xie

Yanxi Xie from Abroad

35 years old, female
1 weeks ago
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Ahmed Farhan

Ahmed Farhan from Pakistan

37 years old, male
2 months ago
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Mauricio Chipeta Kapingana

Mauricio Chipeta Kapingana from Abroad

32 years old, male
I will very grateful to hear from you sir's, and iam very much ready to workout, any jobs you offer to me non exceptable, i will be waiting for your response. My regards all.
3 months ago
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Tongor Gaye

Tongor Gaye from Abroad

21 years old, male
Am Looking For A Part Time Job Am Able To Do Any Labour work To Earn More Money
3 months ago
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Bismark Mensah

Bismark Mensah from Abroad

22 years old, male
I interested in restaurant waiter , sales assistance and working in a restaurant
4 months ago
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Jb Purgante

Jb Purgante from Abroad

59 years old, male
Iam looking for administrativo jobs. I am worked as manager at general secretaria of Uige Provincial Government (Angola), awarness land mines director of World Vision Angola and military assistant at the Angolan embassy in UK. As well as I studied diplomacy studies at the London Diplomátic Academy, Westminster univetsity (management, foreign polucy, Diplomacy and procedures)
5 months ago
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Sonam Rabten

Sonam Rabten from Abroad

26 years old, male
I am a jobseekers and i am here at Bhutan. I have an experience certificate in cooking western food. I work abord in middle East for two years.
5 months ago
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Lesly Cuyar

Lesly Cuyar from Abroad

29 years old, female
I would love to work on something related to Industrial Engineering. I am an intelligent person and I learn very quickly, I adapt to any work environment. I really like technologies so I get on very well with them. I really believe that the person who dares to hire me will not regret it. Greetings.
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Kingsley Asare

Kingsley Asare from Abroad

31 years old, male
Logistic Officer * I have gain experience from many fields * I can work under little or no supervision * Hard working and very industrious * Team player and results oriented
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Iranyibutse Ghyslain

Iranyibutse Ghyslain from Burundi

26 years old, male
Server or others
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Pravin Kumar Mandal

Pravin Kumar Mandal from India

36 years old, male
Qualified Car Driver searching for a position with a growing company where my driving skills and knowledge can grow Highlights of Qualifications: * Profound knowledge of Car and equipment safety * Ability to work long hours, including weekends and holidays * Ability to work in all types of weather * Ability to report to work at all times on short notice * Ability to drive and deliver vehicles * Strong client service and public interaction skills * Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
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Kavichelvan Kavi

Kavichelvan Kavi from Malaysia

40 years old, male
Banquet Asst manager or Restaurant Asst manager
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Vishnu Kumar Kottur

Vishnu Kumar Kottur from India

38 years old, male
Electrical LV Switchgear Engineer
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Nafees Ahamed Nafees

Nafees Ahamed Nafees from India

24 years old, male
Marine line, driving, shop keeper, sports, money changing shop keeper.
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Jayantha Salian

Jayantha Salian from Abroad

37 years old, male
I am looking for production technician / maintenance technician in manufacturing industries. I have experience maintenance of Bhis system in I am interested to work in airport maintenance also.I am ready to work in shifts.
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Ajit Yadav

Ajit Yadav from India

30 years old, male
Heavy vehicle driver job. I always follow the traffic rule and regulations.
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Wee Jin Chiang

Wee Jin Chiang from Bukit Batok

67 years old, male
I am specialised in handling projects :- - Set up manufacturing plant ,from Budget the factory, handle tender, . install factory physical building, . purchase & install needed equipments - for manufacturing,production line mechanieries, store, . Recruit complete manufacturing line(s) staff / operators, . Train the above mentioned manufacturing & assembly lines staff/operators, . Set up Purchasing/ procurement & Sourcing departments, . purchase needed materials, parts & indirect parts for production , & eventually Localise these items. - Set up Logistic departments ,till it's in operation mode, both within the country, as well as overseas.
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Susitha Bandara

Susitha Bandara from Abroad

42 years old, male
I'm a highly driven IT Manager with more than 11 years’ of experience and expertise on innovative project management methodologies and cutting-edge technologies in ICT field seeks to join your organization in providing excellent business solutions and IT services to your customers. Nevertheless, I’m a well-qualified professional with highly-motivated, multi-functional, self-learning skills and dedicated team-player, specialized in ICT arena.
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Gowtham R

Gowtham R from India

I have 4+ yrs exp in Accounts cum Admin , I have a skills like Accounting,GST taxation,AP / AR / GL,bank account reconciliation,Bookkeeping,Cash Handling,Customer Service,Data Entry And all Similar Administration Duties
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Ricky Aficial

Ricky Aficial from Hong kong

53 years old, male
I am interested in the Construction for both Civil and Tunnel Engineer position. I have over 24 years of construction working experience in the managing team and competent to work both under the client and contractor roles. Currently looking for a career, not just a job for another challenging role and interesting project. Overall, I have consistently demonstrated civil and tunneling abilities in every aspect of my position roles in the company and I am a hardworking person with a versatile handling numerous responsibilities associated with this role. Given these requirements, I am certain that I have the necessary skills to successfully do the job and perform above expectations and I invite you to review my detailed achievements in my resume.
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