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Lesly Cuyar

Lesly Cuyar from Abroad

28 years old, female
I would love to work on something related to Industrial Engineering. I am an intelligent person and I learn very quickly, I adapt to any work environment. I really like technologies so I get on very well with them. I really believe that the person who dares to hire me will not regret it. Greetings.
4 days ago
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Irankunda Janvier Muyumbe

Irankunda Janvier Muyumbe from East Singapore

I want, job to work in, restaurant service. I am ready to work, so I am developing Where you have given me, to work. even if I give, good service.
2 weeks ago
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Joel Marane

Joel Marane from Boon Lay

53 years old, male
Che/cook I am hardworking, patience,teamplayer
1 months ago
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Loay Abu Jiab

Loay Abu Jiab from Sembawang

44 years old, male
Fabrication steel structure Fabrication all shutters for concrete
1 months ago
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Kingsley Asare

Kingsley Asare from Abroad

31 years old, male
Logistic Officer * I have gain experience from many fields * I can work under little or no supervision * Hard working and very industrious * Team player and results oriented
2 months ago
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Iranyibutse Ghyslain

Iranyibutse Ghyslain from Burundi

26 years old, male
Server or others
2 months ago
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Pravin Kumar Mandal

Pravin Kumar Mandal from India

36 years old, male
Qualified Car Driver searching for a position with a growing company where my driving skills and knowledge can grow Highlights of Qualifications: * Profound knowledge of Car and equipment safety * Ability to work long hours, including weekends and holidays * Ability to work in all types of weather * Ability to report to work at all times on short notice * Ability to drive and deliver vehicles * Strong client service and public interaction skills * Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
2 months ago
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Kirubakara Rengabashyam Ramanujam

Kirubakara Rengabashyam Ramanujam from Bukit Panjang

46 years old, male
• Provide desktop support at customer’s site. This includes installation, repair, servicing, liaising and maintenance of solutions in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, to ensure customer satisfaction and service operation are achieved. • Support Windows OS, Office software, and other Desktop Related Software & Hardware • Respond promptly to incident, investigate & provide temporary &/or permanent resolution of incidents escalated • Monitor the agreed service level, document & maintain the configuration of the systems periodically. • Manage the service delivery of shared services to stakeholders and ensure SLA and customer satisfactory level KPI are met • Backup, creation of Image and cloning of Desktops and Laptops • Experience in using Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) • Experience in deploying, troubleshooting, and managing Bit locker encryption and decryption on Windows devices. • Diagnose and perform repairs on equipment and solutions and ensure that relevant updates and patches are applied accordingly on-site or remote diagnostic procedures at customer’s sites • 1st level troubleshooting of network connectivity in a LAN/WAN environment • Responsible for tracking hardware and software inventory and report to asset management team on a regular basis, and liaise with vendors • Maintain defective equipment/parts in maintenance inventory, document customer repairs, maintain and restock assigned parts inventory to ensure proper spare parts levels • Any ad-hoc duties assigned / required
3 months ago
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Amit Rajbhar

Amit Rajbhar from East Singapore

29 years old, male
My work crawler crane operator I'm work Saudi Arabian Riyad my work experience 11 year 11 mantha Trevi group , Italy Swiss boring , Dubai Samarth lifters Pvt Ltd, india Mumbai Hindustan construction company, india Mumbai Raj lifters Pvt Ltd, india Mumbai I'm now working Mumbai Larson tourbo projects coastal road project Mumbai
4 months ago
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Berhanu Gonemo

Berhanu Gonemo from Bedok

39 years old, male
I have ample years of experience in teaching Mathematics in secondary schools. I am a teacher not only by profession but by passion too!
4 months ago
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Ibrahim Hassan Gonah

Ibrahim Hassan Gonah from Mandai

26 years old, male
Hi, I am looking for Job in Hotel management tourism, my position is to be among one of the management in they Hotel, i would appreciate that, i am confident and my skills and i would put extra work to gain more experience,my name is Ibrahim Hassan Gonah, i am from Nigeria, i graduated from Bangladesh dhaka university, i study Bsc in electrical and electronic engineering,I do be welcome to you.
4 months ago
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Kavichelvan Kavi

Kavichelvan Kavi from Malaysia

40 years old, male
Banquet Asst manager or Restaurant Asst manager
4 months ago
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Vishnu Kumar Kottur

Vishnu Kumar Kottur from India

38 years old, male
Electrical LV Switchgear Engineer
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Nafees Ahamed Nafees

Nafees Ahamed Nafees from India

23 years old, male
Marine line, driving, shop keeper, sports, money changing shop keeper.
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Jayantha Salian

Jayantha Salian from Abroad

37 years old, male
I am looking for production technician / maintenance technician in manufacturing industries. I have experience maintenance of Bhis system in I am interested to work in airport maintenance also.I am ready to work in shifts.
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Ramanathan S Ram

Ramanathan S Ram from Singapore River

37 years old, male
I search job now in Singapore pharmaceutical company Quality control job if any vaccancy inform to me sir
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Ajit Yadav

Ajit Yadav from India

30 years old, male
Heavy vehicle driver job. I always follow the traffic rule and regulations.
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Pslechinesehelp Teacher Yang

Pslechinesehelp Teacher Yang

48 years old, female NO GST !! NO DEPOSIT ! NO PRE-PAYMENT ! 凡是2015年开始的小一学生,课本内容和考试“难上加难”! To improve students' proficiency in their mother tongue + compete with with growing interest around the world in the learning of a 2nd / even 3rd language, MOE is implementing a NEW curriculum across all Primary Schools in 2015 连学校老师都说考试将会越来越难! 亲爱的家长,请快点让孩子的华文程度赶上MOE要求的高难度水准!救救孩子的华文!孩子学校功课不会做,考试无法拿高分,怎么办?孩子无助,没有信心,也会影响其他科目的成绩 !为什么孩子就是考不好作文和理解?华文要怎么读?别担心,杨老师教你们怎么写、怎么讲!如果您的孩子学习能力强,我会跳级教,教更多!您的孩子的程度就会比其他同龄孩子的更高,在考试拿更高分!现在报名 2018年的小学华文补习~A/A* for your PSLE ! Just after 10-months "weekly" tuition (=hit 40 lessons ) , you will get FREE Popular voucher ( 1st year = $20/- ; 2nd year : $35/- ; 3rd year & above : $50/- FREE Popular voucher ! ! ) 每个家长都很注重孩子的教育、关心孩子的前途,要孩子受高等教育! 新加坡的大学是世界公认的;分数不达标,就不能进大学!每一个分数也很重要!现在每一科都很重要!成绩差,连大学都进不了,就没有前途了..... 孩子怕华文?不会写作文、口试不知道要怎么讲、理解不会答?怎么办? 只是读华文课本是不会考高分的。 小学/中学——普通华文+高级华文——看图作文、完成文章、命题、情景作文!让孩子轻松学习写作❝技巧❞!一听就明白!家长可以旁听,帮忙记重点。阅读感动你的作文!考试轻而易举! 全岛唯一的补习老师把自己最多的创作登在blog,愿意分享写作文的技巧,就是要学生顺利升上好中学! 欢迎 “已经签署双方合约同意下” 的教育中心 & 补习中心,才能采用我的pslechinesehelp 作文作为教学材料!All rights reserved. 版权所有,全部或部分转载必究。 Call/SMS for your preferred timing ! 欢迎询问 : 8225 6878 (杨老师) Call / telegram : 8225 6878 Email : Welcome ad-hoc / alternate week / weekly lesson ! Dear parents, please call me now to help your children . I will help your kids improve their Chinese language skills. Thanks !
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Gopi Krishnan Gopi

Gopi Krishnan Gopi from West Singapore

40 years old, male
My name is Gopi Krishnan. I would like to work in reputed pharmaceutical company.Being a microbiologist, I focus on pharmaceutical companies
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Iranna Brun

Iranna Brun from Lim Chu Kang

75 years old, male
Avez-vous besoin d'un prêt? Il s’agit d’une société de crédit enregistrée, garantie et certifiée. Nous accordons des prêts à des particuliers, des entreprises, des établissements, des organisations commerciales et des personnes de toutes sortes, partout dans le monde. Avez-vous besoin d'un prêt pour quelque fin que ce soit? Êtes-vous dans un problème financier? Avez-vous besoin d'assistants financiers? La société de prêt est la solution à tous vos problèmes financiers. Nos prêts sont faciles, peu coûteux et rapides. Contactez-nous aujourd'hui pour le prêt dont vous avez besoin, nous pouvons organiser tout prêt adapté à votre budget à un taux d'intérêt de 2% seulement. les candidats intéressés doivent nous contacter par e-mail:
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