Pravin Kumar Mandal

Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Pravin Kumar Mandal
What job i'm looking for? My positive points
Qualified Car Driver searching for a position with a growing company where my driving skills and knowledge can grow
Highlights of Qualifications:
* Profound knowledge of Car and equipment safety
* Ability to work long hours, including weekends and holidays
* Ability to work in all types of weather
* Ability to report to work at all times on short notice
* Ability to drive and deliver vehicles
* Strong client service and public interaction skills
* Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
Preferred occupation:
Car driver jobs
Transportation, logistics jobs
Preferred work location:
Ang Mo Kio
North-East Singapore
Contacts and general information about me
Day of birth:
1985-09-06 (36 years old)
Residential location:
Telephone number:
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Email address:
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Additional information
Salary you wish:
2000 $ per month
How much do you earn now:
1800 $ per month
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