Jobs in IT

IT (Information technology) is very wide, popular and most growing job sphere all over the world and we especially noticed it in Singapore. So in this article i will review IT jobs in Singapore.
First of all i want to mention companies who were the most influence in 30 years IT road. In early 80's IT road begins with IBM, then in 90's there were Microsoft's time and this company dominated almost 15 years. The beginning of 21st century was three of young IT monsters companies glory time: Google, Apple and Facebook. Now these companies came in Singapore jobs market and some of us dreaming to work in there. These are monsters companies, but also there are plenty of companies who are not so popular worldwide, and most of IT companies are easy profitable- that's why IT is one of the most wanted jobs sphere in Singapore and in the world.
Most popular IT jobs in Singapore 2012 with salaries:
Software and applications manager – $12,280
Network and communications manager – $10,024
IT service manager – $9,999
Database architect – $6,817
Systems analyst – $6,674
Telecommunications engineer – $6,456
Database administrator – $6,435
Information technology security specialist – $6,100
Software, web and multimedia developer – $6,065
Electronics engineer – $5,756
Information technology testing/ quality assurance specialist – $4,800
(salaries source: Ministry of manpower, Singapore government)