Posted on 2016 January 06, 09:42

Experienced teacher In Singapore call 91199270

15 years of teaching experience ,Ive got Grade 8 in ABRSM test ,well experienced.full of teaching and performing experience,in schools,and also in the Esplanade , currenlt teaching in the music school as part time,but mostly i teach at home.students ranges are wild ,4to 52 years old, and also the main judge during all kinds of international piano competition happening in singapore, student got Silver Price, Had 4 concerts in ESPLANADE in 2005 I staying at upper bukit timah ALSO PROVIDE HOME TUITION LESSON, With reasonable transportation fees, Contact me by 911***, Miss Yang, Hope I can help you and your kids ALSO HELP WITH CHOOSING PIANOS THRU MY EXPERIENCED,FROM A SHOP OR FROM MY OTHER STUDENTS USED ONES

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