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Marketing Communications Manager - Full Part Time, Flexible Working Arrangement

•Developing, implementing and managing marketing
communications strategies (e.g. permission marketing, public
relations strategy, programs)
to promote our company
•Formulating and implementing proactive communications and
engagement with management and stakeholders.
•Managing communications materials, including drafting, editi
ng and distributing corporate collaterals such as company profile,
brochures, newsletter, video, press releases, speeches, factsheets,
•Defining and formulating brand strategies including brand
positioning, awareness, development and benchmarking
•Arranging press interviews and conferences
•Handling media enquiries and requests
•Developing and managing advertising campaigns (including
promotional collaterals such as advertisement, posters, banners,
publicity, etc)
•Developing content for company website and intranet
and maintaining accurate and timely information
•Developing and managing corporate social responsibility programs
e.g. sustainability, environmental, community, and etc
•Assisting with special projects, including company anniversaries,
speeches, etc.
•Use various systems to improve the productivity
• Customer Relationship Management system e.g. Salesforces.

•Event Management system
•Sourcing for corporate gifts
•Handling communication process during crisis period
•Reviewing the effectiveness of all marketing communications plans
•Translating between English and Chinese
•Liaising with stakeholders e.g. service providers, etc
•Developing and maintaining relationship with professionals from
influential media
•Conducting marketing research
•Performing client analysis, market analysis, competitive analysis;
benchmarking ourselves against our peer group in term of
strategies, products, financial performance, client satisfaction and
•Developing and implementing marketing strategies and product
management strategies (e.g. segmentation, positioning, pricing, etc)
in order to achieve business objectives e.g. lead generation
•Developing and implementing client benefits and loyalty programs
•Consolidating insightful emerging trends and issues for timely
escalation to Senior Management for planning and decision making
•Reviewing the effectiveness of all marketing plans
•Obtaining feedback from sale and business development
•Meeting with stakeholders e.g. service providers, etc
•This is an event marketing role
•Formulating strategic plans
•Research and conceptualize content
and ideas for events e.g. seminars, dinner, wine tasting and etc
•Leading, managing, and delivering marketing events
•Structuring the program of the event through consultation with
speakers and stakeholders
•Preparing and managing timeline and to-do summary for all
•Identifying, inviting and liaising with speakers
•Identifying and preparing invitee lists
•Preparing and sending out invitation
•Managing the invitation and RSVP process
•Venue search and negotiation
•Managing food and beverage
•Sourcing for sponsorship
•Managing event budgets
•Ensuring smooth running of the event and optimal attendance
•Use various systems to improve the productivity
•Building and maintaining new and existing event industry contacts such as entertainers and etc
•Registration of events
•Liaising and meeting with stakeholders e.g. service providers and
Preferred Qualification
Experience in Salesforces system is preferrable
Follow through until objectives are met
Good communication and interpersonal skills
Good team player
High level of Integrity
High standard of business ethics
Positive attitude
Proficient in Microsoft Office
Quick and eager learner
Results driven
Undergraduates (bachelor's degree) or above are eligible

We invite all interested and qualified candidates to send your detailed resume with a recent photograph to us at today. We apologise that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
We offer our people the opportunities to build the company collaboratively.

We also offer flexible working arrangements which enable our people to achieve a better work-life harmony.
- part-time work
- flexible working hours
- job sharing
- flexi-workplace
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