Posted on 2016 December 28, 05:32

Pleasant personality lady neede for the dance studio front desk

We are a fastest growing dance studio in Singapore, and we have been opened for 7 years now. We have got more and more famous through Mediacorp TV talent show and interviews, interviews by magazines and newspapers. We are also recognized as a fasting growing make up training studio. Our mission is to bring dance fitness & healthy lifestyle, beauty and style to girls and women from all walks of life. Bring out the best in our clients, health and beauty inside out. As business is expanding, we need a full-time admin executive to be at our front desk, as the first smile to our clients.

1. You must be bilingual.

2. You must also know basic Microsoft computer skills.

3. Able to work from Mondays to Thursdays between 11:30am-2:30pm and 5:30-9:30 and Sat is 9am-8:30pm, Sun 9am-5:30am, Friday is off day. In-between the lessons when there are no classes, flexible breaks up to a few hours are allowed during these gaps too.

4. You must have a pleasant personality, enjoying socializing with people in a friendly and respectful way, extremely patient with our clients, capable to handle emergency situation at the front desk, provide a worry-free teaching environment for the dance instructors.

5. Administration or sales experience is a bonus factor for the applicant. Passion in dance and fitness business are a must too.

Salary and off days
Training will be provided once you are hired. Probationary period will be 3 months.

1. 1500 SGD basic salary for Probationary period (3 months), after that is 1700 SGD for the basic salaries. Commissions and Bonus will be from 100 SGD to 500 SGD depending on the performance of the applicant. Future career development possibility will be provided periodically according to the performance of the applicant.
2. 14 days or more off days during the year according to the studio operating days. 5 days of MC or Emergency leaves.
3. Can take any dance or yoga classes whenever no more students need registration or other assistance.
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