Posted on 2016 August 22, 07:18

Experienced ipano teacher In Singapore call 91199270

Piano lessons at home, or in a place, educators, call 91199270Piano Lessons available Singapurzeobecna piano teacher, well experienced, (byłanauczania for 10 years) can nauczyćod beginner to Grade 8, international piano competition judge, performed in Esplanade in 2005Zakres age student of three and a half to 50 :) very patient, especially young beginners, I półstudenci are local students half are foreigners, so robięzrozumieć different expectations from different parents can be casual więcwnioski also may be a target for exams (mójWyniki exam students are merit and DIS ) adults are welcome, I have a very flexible time, so możnazrobić lessons after work also can be time regulowaćpodczas their time traveling too) Call 91199270

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